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Councillors and Clerk

The Relevant Authorities (Disclosable Pecuniary Interests) Regulations 2012 require all members of Parish Councils to complete a declaration of interest form to register their financial and other interests, these include

  • Employment, office, trade, profession or vocation
  • Sponsorships
  • Contracts
  • Land (including property)
  • Licences
  • Corporate Tenancies
  • Securities

Declaration of interests will include those of a spouse, civil partner or equivalent and are listed below.

Councillor Details


Philip Baxter

Tel: 01403 741093   Email: [email protected]

Philip has been a member of the Parish Council since 2011.  Following a career in the Civil Service, Philip worked within the aviation sector for 6 years and the rail industry for fourteen.

He was elected as Vice-Chair in May 2019 and Chairman in October 2020. He is the Parish Council representative to both the West Sussex and Horsham District Association of Parish Councils and is also the Chairman of the Complaints Committee.


Nicky Neal-Smith 

Email: [email protected]

Nicky was elected to the Parish Council in May 2018 and again in May 2019 where she was appointed as Chair until October 2020. In May 2021, she was elected as the Vice-Chair.

William Beckett

Tel: 01403 741557   Email: [email protected]

Bill is well known within the community and lives in Brooks Green where up until a few years ago he ran the family business 'Kinswood Eggs'. Bill is now retired and is a long-standing member of Shipley Parish Council. Bill also looks after issues with the Rights of Way & Parish Maintenance in Brooks Green.

Sarah Cuthbertson

Email: [email protected]

Sarah was co-opted onto the Parish Council in April 2021 and lives in Dragons Green.

Ginny de Zoete

Tel: 01403 741460    Email: [email protected]

Ginny looks after issues with the Rights of Way & Parish Maintenance in Shipley.

Jason Emrich

Tel: 01403 741235   Email: [email protected]

Jason has lived and worked in Shipley Parish since 2000.  He helps manage the Knepp Castle Estate which employs approximately 50 people in the Parish, provides homes for many and work premises for over 250 people.  The Estate has an important conservation project at its heart and also farms beef cattle. 

Derek Larcombe

Tel: 01403 740048   Email: [email protected]

Derek is a member of the Shipley History Society.

Gordon Lindsay

Tel: 01403 741577   Email: [email protected]

After 32 years in business, Gordon retired in 2001. In 2003 Gordon was elected as a District Councillor for Billingshurst and Shipley. Gordon has been a Parish Councillor for Shipley for more than 16 years.

Matthew Payne

Email: [email protected]

Matthew was co-opted onto the Parish Council in October 2021 and lives just outside Brooks Green.

Stephen Roggendorff

Tel: 01403 741270   Email: [email protected]

Stephen has lived in the locality for 38 years, ran his own consultancy business for over 25 years. He was elected Parish Councillor in May 2014.

Harry Woodage

Email: [email protected]

Harry lives in Coolham and represents the Parish Council at Coolham Village Hall.


Paul Richards

Paul joined as Clerk in January 2017 having spent over 40 years working in and around local government.