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Horsham & Shipley Community Project

Horsham & Shipley Community Project (HSCP)is a vibrant, local organisation running activities mainly on a Tuesday from the football site in Dragon’s Green on the A272 between Buck Barn and Coolham, attracting people from Horsham, Southwater, Billingshurst, Pulborough and as far as Worthing, as well as Shipley Parish.  The very active Pétanque Club meets on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The Walking Football Club happens on a Tuesday morning and is for men or ladies who still want to kick a ball around! 

Our “Men’s Shed” (part of the UK Men’s Shed Association) is great for anyone interested in working with wood - making, mending or restoring anything - or who just wants to get together with some other like-minded people for a cuppa; it’s very casual!  We also organise regular Health Walks and Cycle Rides locally through the fair weather months.

Click here <> or phone 07968 008997 and get in touch to find out more, and then join the fun!

Horsham Men in Sheds​ - UPDATE - May 2022

The latest newsletter from Horsham Men in Sheds and a poster for their upcoming tool sale on 22nd May 2022 is listed below.


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