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This page contains information on the Parish Council Finances.

PRECEPT - Each year the Parish Council must set a precept. The Precept is a tax that Parish Council’s charge their local electors to meet their budget requirements. Parish Councils do not receive any direct funding from central government and rely on their Precept plus any other income they generate from services or facilities they provide. The Parish Council Precept is part of the Council Tax and is collected from local electors via their Council Tax payments. The precept for 2022/23 was approved at the December 2021 Parish Council meeting and is listed below.

ANNUAL RETURN - the Parish Council must submit an Annual Return to the Government's External Auditor. The Annual Return for 2020/21 was approved by the Parish Council  The draft copy is listed below as is the Public Rights Statement. The sign-off by the external auditor is also listed below.

BUDGET - the 2021/22 budget is listed below.