Meetings, Minutes & Agendas

The Parish Council meets monthly - meetings are alternated between the Coolham Village Hall and The Andrew Hall, Shipley.  (Please see current Agenda for location.) Extraordinary meetings may also be held. The Planning Sub Committee may be convened to accommodate planning applications that need to be commented upon within formal timescales.


All meetings commence at 8pm. Council meetings are statutory meetings which are open to the public - these are meetings held in public and not public meetings. Please note:

  • the Public Session will be listed on the Agenda and during this part of the meeting any local residents may address the Council on relevant issues on the Agenda.  If you wish to speak to the Council during the Public Session, no notice is required, you may simply turn up at the appropriate time.  If you wish to speak to Members about a specific item, please notify the Clerk at least 3 working days prior to the date of the meeting (excluding the day of the meeting) in order for any background information to be prepared and circulated to Members.
  • Members of the Public may listen to the Council's discussions but may not participate.
  • Exceptionally, discussion of particular Agenda items involving confidential issues may be closed to the press and public.  These will normally be placed towards the end of the Agenda.  
  • Agenda's for Parish Council meetings are available below.  Normally the agenda for each meeting will be available for viewing one week - and at least three days - prior to the meeting.  Minutes are given in draft format pending approval by the Parish Council in the following meeting.


2022 Meetings

16th December 2021    Draft Minutes 

17th January 2022        Agenda


Archived Minutes

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