Council Regulations

Below are the documents used to regulate the Parish Council operations.  These documents were formally adopted at the Council's Annual General Meeting in May 2016.  By clicking on the document title, you may consult these documents.

Standing Orders
The Standing Orders regulate the way the in which the Council conducts its business. They are adopted from a nationally published set of Model Standing Orders and are reviewed annually.

Members Code of Conduct
The code of conduct which all members of the Parish Council are legally required to observe.

Register Of Members Interest & Declaration Of Acceptance

Councillors are elected for a four year term and receive no financial (or minimal) reward for their time devoted to Council work.  The Declaration Of Acceptance document is signed prior to each Councillor taking up office as a Councillor.

(Please note that some members Declarations have been attached within the same file as their Register Of Members Interest).

Nicola Wiltshire 

Nicola Wiltshire - 2018 update

Philip Baxter

Philip Baxter 2018 Update 

William Beckett 

William Beckett 2016 Update 

Antony Burrell 

Ginny De Zoete  and Declaration Of Acceptance

Ginny De Zoete 2018 Update 

Jason Emrich 

Jason Emrich 2018 Update 

Bridget Huggett and Declaration of Acceptance 

Gordon Lindsay  and Declaration Of Acceptance

Gordon Lindsay 2016 Update 

Lee Lovett  and Declaration Of Acceptance

Lee Lovee 2016 Update 

Stephen Roggendorff  and Declaration Of Acceptance

Stephen Roggendorff 2018 Update 

Harry Woodage 


Adopted Policies & Procedures 

  1. Freedom of Information
  2. Complaints Procedure
  3. Press & Media Policy
  4. Insurance Policy 
  5. Data Protection Policy
  6. Employee Code Of Conduct
  7. Procedure For Handling Consultation Requests
  8. Staff Grievance Policy
  9. Staff Discipline Policy
  10. Social Media Policy
  11. Code Of Members Conduct - Dispensations
  12. Information Technology, Email And Internet Policy
  13. Grants And Donations Policy  - Grant Application Form
  14. Procedure For Correspondence And Document Retention 

Financial Documents

Below is the documentation produced in relation to the financial operations of the Parish Council.

Precept 2018/19 

Financial Regulations

The regulations that govern the financial business of the Council.

Fixed Asset Register
A list of Parish Assets owned and managed by the Parish Council.

Annual Return 2017-18 

Notice of Conclusions of Audit 

P1-2   P3-4   P4-5  P6 - certificate

Internal Audit report 2017-18

Bank Reconciliation 

List of Variances 

Public Rights Notice