Neighbourhood Plan Update - December 2017

Many thanks to all the parishioners who came along to the very well attended Neighbourhood Plan community events. On display were a number of presentations, results from the community survey and the draft visions and objectives for the Plan. We are very grateful for the feedback and the comments made.

Some residents were, regrettably, unable to attend and so the presentations and other information are available below.  

  1. A summary of the Community Survey is here 
  2. A summary of the School Survey is here
  3. The draft Visions and Objectives are here
  4. The project plan is here


Call for Sites

The Parish Council reviewed their approach to the Call for Sites process at their meeting on 4th September 2017. The minute relating to the Council's decision is listed below.

 165/17 Neighbourhood Plan Update

Cllr King-Tours asked that the Clerk report on the update received from the Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. The Clerk provided a summary of the report. The analysis of the Community Surveys has been completed. Cllr Lovett reported that the response rate of 43% was amongst the highest seen by the Parish Council’s planning consultants.

The Clerk also reported that advice had been received from the Parish Council’s planning consultants and HDC’s Neighbourhood Planning officer regarding site allocation. The advice suggested that Shipley Parish Council does not need to allocate sites in the Neighbourhood Plan. Cllr Lindsay advised that Shipley Parish is categorised by HDC as an ‘unclassified’ settlement in the Horsham District Planning Framework and therefore has no obligation to allocate additional housing. The advice further suggested a ‘light touch’ approach to site allocation and advised that the Parish Council adopt a Parish Design Statement rather than the formal Call for Sites process. This would obviate the need for any Call for Sites and subsequent Strategic Environmental Assessment. Similar rural Parish Councils to that of Shipley have adopted this approach; Woodmancote being the most recent to have a ‘made’ Neighbourhood Plan based on a Parish Design Statement. After further discussion, Members AGREED to adopt a Parish Design Statement approach to site allocation. The Clerk was requested to report this decision to the Steering Group.

Neighbourhood Plan   

Shipley Parish Neighbourhood Plan committee is working in conjunction with the Parish Council to make a plan for the Parish.  The mission of the committee is to

Safeguard and enhance the built and historic environments of Shipley Parish which includes Brooks Green, Coolham, Dragons Green and Shipley and protect the Parish’s rural uniqueness and tranquillity whilst allowing for sustainable economic and social growth and development"



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Agendas and minutes for Neighbourhood Planning meetings are available below. Normally the agenda for each meeting will be available for viewing one week - and at least three days - prior to the meeting.  Minutes are given in draft format pending approval by the Neighbourhood Planning Committee in the following meeting. Meetings are open to the public and begin at 8:00pm and are normally held at Coolham Village Hall, Coolham.




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